Sales Automation Page-Appointment & Leads


A Done For You Sales Automation Page

Appointment & Lead Generation –Bye Bye Techies

Introducing a ready-made Website with Appointment & Leads... A one pager website that generate highly convertible leads. You can also schedule an appointment that manages your call, meetings or coaching session.

Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Spending tons of time technical aspects building your system

  • Manually recording your contacts and appointments one by one

  • Giving your business card and explaining what you do each time you meet your prospects

  • Sending them reminders manually before your call or meeting

  • Paying developers each time you want to update your website

Now imagine a technical worry free system that let you focus more on getting sales.

These are all possible, with this One-Pager Done For You Sales Automation Website

That's why you're going to love this Automated One-Pager Sales Website

A Done For You Sales Automation Page

Appointment & Lead Generation –Bye Bye Techies

This done-for-you Website is incredibly easy to use, even if you are not a Techy Savvy. All you need to do is learn how to use it with our free training.

What You Will GET:

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  • FREE Clarity Session To know the purpose of the sales page and FREE Training for you to know how to use the website

  • Instant Appointment System & Leads Database Management

  • Automated System No More Manual Work & Waste of Setup Time

  • Website Done For You –No Need To Hire a Technical Savvy Person


But Wait, There is More!…

You'll also receive a special bonus! --Your own personal domain name ( and a dedicated web server FREE 1 yr hosting your website (worth P40,000 or $900)

If you had to pay a developer and a professional copywriter you to get this kind of platform, it would cost you P150,000 ($4,500) or more.

A Done For You Sales Page Automation

Is The Best OFFER!

The Sales Page Copy with FREE training on how to use it whereas 80% of the technical stuff is done for you.

The 20% is just the effort of you learning how to use your own automated website.

This offer is available for those who's really serious in their business and growth online because we are serious in giving you the right platform just for you



GET Your Process Automated Now & Have your own TECHY-Free One Sales Page Automation Platform 


NOW is the Time To Go ONLINE, Make this Happen!



About Your Digital Coach:

Joceyl Mismanos a.k.a. “JM D’ Generous” Help Trainers, Speakers, Coaches, & Business Leaders to Build an Authentic Digital Brand by providing Digital Coaching and Automation to prepare them to Lead Better & Have a Positive Impact to their Own Community”.

JM has 16 years combined experience focused on Automation & Solutions, Training & Digital Coaching. JM has worked with corporations, co-trainers, speakers, top event organizers and celebrities around Asia, UK and US.

JM is also known as the “Walking Lead Magnet” as she attract clients naturally through her authentic personality and teach her Secrets To Online Branding. She is truly the Digital Coach with a Heart.

What They Say About JM

“Impressive Work Ethics”

Laurus Enterprises Philippines

“Thank you Joceyl for the outstanding website expertise & IT Consulting you provided Laurus Enterprises and for putting RichDad Philippine Website in Place. We are undeniably impressed with your work ethics and expertise, we will definitely recommend you..”

Laurus Enteprises

“Truly a Digital Coach”

Sara & Paula, NLP Master Practitioner, UK

“When Joceyl tol me that she’s a Digital Coach, i knew she’s the one we need. It’s just incredible we really don’t believe that this is something we can create ourselves and belong to us.  Our very own e-learning platform (5in1 Website) thanks for your patience, Joceyl, you are truly a Digital Coach.”

Jumpstarting Learning Skills, NLP Masters Ireland, UK


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  • I have resigned as a Technology Developer and I can no longer handle the Online Platform that I have created, so I decided to give it away for FREE. A powerful 5in1 perfect in your needs be it eCommerce, Membership/Community Building or an Online Learning Program it’s all done for you. But wait there is more, your friends can even earn from you by giving them reward by using the affiliate features to refer your product and get a reward points. If you are interested Message ME and I will link you to my Technical Team that are now the one handling my 5in1 Online Platform that I used to sell for USD10,000

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  • “I am not a tech-savvy, I can’t do it” Are you stuck with this problem too?  Can you relate to this phrase and stop you from doing what you supposed to be doing?

    Let me give you a solution. If you are struggling or overwhelmed of all these digital and technology noise, talk to me an I will direct you on the right path.

    You need to start somewhere. Through my Digital & Coaching & Beyond Program, you will get a clear picture and the right path to start your Business Digitally.” Sign up for my free strategy session to get you started.

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  • Who said you don’t need a website? if there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there is also a Website after clicking that call to action from your Sales Funnel? Curious? Ask me for more and I’ll give you more than you expect.  Let’s  Talk

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  • “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who are” This is one of the strategy I use, book a one-on-one strategy session with me and I will advise you the technology or what platform to use, the right tool and strategy to execute customized just for you.”

    Every Business has a unique value and it deserves a unique strategy and platform that will surely work and attract the right market and convert them into buying customers.

    Connect with me, I would to hear you story.

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  • Success is not like one of those one day millionaire dream. Success always start with a single step and then move on and then progress. And before you know it you are already living your dreams. Just like ranking your website to first page of a search engine like google. It takes progress.

    So, let me walk you through that and work hand in hand with you, until you get to that success you wanted to achieve.

    Let’s Talk and I will show you how you can rank your website by using the Search Engine Optimisation Service.

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