In my FREE Workshop, I will reveal to you my W.W.W. Secrets To Online Branding. You will Get Clients Naturally without Paying any Ads. In this workshop you will also know why I was tagged as "The Walking Lead Magnet" by my friends, community and the other people whom I have met and worked with

The Secrets Are Revealed


During the workshop I will reveal to you the Top 4 Secrets that you need to know to start your presence online the right way. As based from experience and my clients experience they always get overwhelmed what to do online. I will make sure you would clear and solve that. All revealed in my FREE Workshop


I will walk with you hand-in-hand to make sure that you get it right. No more saying "I am not a Techy Person" I will take care of it all you have to do is learn your own automated system. That is also the reason why I am only limiting my students because I want to focus with you one by one

Your Future, If You Will Take Action NOW


You will be known online and get presence the right way authentically. If you applied my secret formula you will build your brand right in the digital world. Naturally, you will attract the right people whom you truly want to serve in exchange of value or money.


It takes time to achieve that goal. But with the proper guidance and the right process to do that, you will get to where you want to be. A walking lead magnet yourself where your target market comes to you and giving you money to pay for your service. Now that is a very powerful secret!

Who is JM D' Generous

Joceyl Mismanos a.k.a. “JM D’ Generous” Help Trainers, Speakers, Coaches, & Business Leaders to Build an Authentic Digital Brand by providing Digital Coaching and Automation to prepare them to Lead Better & Have a Positive Impact to their Own Community”.

JM is one of the best Digital Coach in the Philippines coaching international clients.  JM has 16 years combined experience focused on IT Automation & Solutions, Training & Digital Coaching. JM has worked with corporations, co-trainers, speakers, top event organizers and celebrities around Asia, UK and US.

JM is also known as the “Walking Lead Magnet” as she attract clients naturally through her authentic personality and teach her Secrets To Online Branding. She is truly the Digital Coach with a Heart.

JM is passionate to provide solutions to every business leaders who also aim to help others by sharing their own knowledge and value. JM believes that, If she can help them, she automatically helps their community which these business leaders truly want to serve.  JM is also the first Digital Coach in the Philippines that’s been helping entrepreneurs and leaders internationally

What They Say About JM

Impressive Work Ethics

Laurus Enterprises Philippines

Website Support and IT Consulting.

“Thank you Joceyl for the outstanding technical support you provided Laurus Enterprises and for putting RichDad Philippine Website in Place. We are undeniably impressed with your work ethics and expertise, we will definitely recommend you..”


Laurus Enteprises

Writers may also write my essay find jobs in other industries which use data analysis programs.

“Good Job Joceyl!”

Authors, Money Grows on Trees

#1, Google Search Engine
“Our online presence hasn’t been in a better place than today. Thanks Joceyl for the constant guidance and continous support. Joceyl & Team sure have a technical know-how to tailor fit online strategy.  We have improved online presence via SEO and Social Media Platform. Hand over done, professionally, good job!”

Author, Lifestyle Upgrade 101

“Truly a Digital Coach”

Sara & Paula

“When Joceyl tol me that she’s a Digital Coach, i knew she’s the one we need. It’s just incredible we really don’t believe that this is something we can create ourselves and belong to us.  Our very own e-learning platform (5in1 Website) thanks for your patience, Joceyl, you are truly a Digital Coach.”

Jumpstarting Learning Skills, NLP Masters Ireland

Jumpstarting Learning Skills, NLP Masters Ireland

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I have Gift For You! A FREE 30-minute Clarity Session Call. This is to give you clarity on where you are, what you want and where you wanna go. Right there and then you would know what to do and how you can start your first to building your presence, product or services online." Are You Ready?

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“Always Be The Best Version of  Yourself”

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